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About Us

 When it comes to everyday sweet pleasures, Hunnybun is life’s sweetheart!
In our experimental ice cream and cookies parlor in Sunnyvale, we make and serve
daily small batches of hand curated ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, cookies, milkshakes and fresh drinks with a renewed attention to texture and flavor. 

Hunnybun is as sweet as life can be!



Hunnybun first and foremost is made out of love and care for the communities we serve. Putting people first in everything we do is our most cherished ingredient.


They say that stolen pleasures are the sweetest. Our great variety of non-dairy delicious treats for vegans are tempting to non-vegans just as well!

Fresh & Organic

We use fresh and organic ingredients to create pure produce, free from powdered bases and aeration processes accustomed to mass production.


We innovate to get the best out of our premium ingredients. Dedicated to serve up quality and sweetness of life without missing on health.

Ice Cream & Cookies

Ice Cream Pints 



Ice Cream Sandwiches 

Boozeless Bar


Hunnybun’s Boozeless Bar serves drinks that all look, taste and sashay around the palate just like the original spirits. And yet, the absence of giggle juice enables revellers to remain clear-headed, of good cheer and in fine fettle to pursue whatever tickles their fancy the following day.
At Hunnybun Boozeless Bar you will find the finest range of non-alcoholic classic spirits the world has ever seen.


Hunnybun infuses sweetness and joy in any occasion. From birthday celebrations and business parties to everyday cravings for delicious treats, our boozless bar and ice cream parlors’ delights can be delivered to your door. Sharing delicious hunnybun treats is the best way to get everybody closer together!

Our Clients Say

Best family treat!

Going to Hunnybun is a great treat for the whole family! There are many ice-cream flavors to choose from as well as delicious fresh juices, so there is always something for everyone!

Samantha B.
Taste of premium ingredients!

You can really taste the love that has been put into everything they make! From ice-creams to cookies and juices, they all shout freshness and premium quality!

Ken Z.
Unbelievably delicious!

We all had ice cream before… We all had cookies before and fresh juices! At Hunnybun I thought I was trying all of these for the very first time!

Sandy L.
A joy of pleasure!

I never thought I’d find so many great flavors all in one place! For ice-cream lovers like me Hunnybun is the place to visit if you ever find yourself in Sunnyvale!

Peter S.

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